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Coaxial Cable

Mobile use Coaxial Cable for 3G/HD-SDI
Coaxial Cable correspond to 3G/HD-SDI for anchoring use
Coaxial Cable for general 75 / AudioEVideo Composite Cable / Multiple Coaxial Cable
Jeep Cable for RelayiRJP seriesj
Jeep Cable for Monitoring at StudiosiSJP seriesj
Mobile use Coaxial Cable specialized for Digital Microwave link /
Facility use Coaxial Cable specialized for Digital Microwave link

50 Coaxial Cable for General Communications / Triaxial Cable

Connector / Crimping Tools / Mounting

75 BNC Connector / DIN Connector / Specialized Crimping Tool
Connector Mounting Instructions@
iFor Crimping type BNC Connector from2.8C to 7C sizej

Connector Mounting InstructionsA
iFor Crimping type BNC Connector TCX-8CHDj

Connector Mounting InstructionsB
iFor Triple chucking type BNC Connectorj

Connector Mounting InstructionsC
iDIN Connectorj/ Custom Seal Arrangement for Relay Cable

50 N type Connector, Cap for Connector
Connector Mounting InstructionsD
iFor Triple Chuck N type Connector TCX-5DFWS,TCX-5DFWj

Audio Cable

110 Digital Audio Cable for AES/EBU Standard
2-Core Shield Cable / 2-Core Shield Multiple Cable
Electromagnetic Shield Multiple Cable
Electromagnetic Shield Microphone Cable / Speaker Cable

Power Cable / Control Cable

Power Cable with Shield / Power Cable with Special Structure Shield

Bundled Shield Multipair Data Cable

RS422 Communication Composite Cable / DMX Cable for Dimming Control

Harness Assembled Cable

BNC Cable / SJPERJP Jeep Cable / Digital Microwave link Cable

XLR Cable / Speaker Cable / Digital Audio Cable

Technical Support / Supplementation material

Products Technical Support

EYE-pattern 3G/HD-SDI

Inquiry concerning commodity